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  • Our mission is to help you have better conversations about topics that fascinate you.

    How Cake is different

    • On most social networks you follow people. On Cake you follow topics that fascinate you. We love our friends and family, but they don’t all share the same interests. When you follow your interests rather than your friends, you can have fascinating conversations about the things you care about without feeling like you’re boring someone.

    • Cake’s mission is to enable great conversations, and that’s our success metric. It’s hard to ban bad actors when you measure your success by the number of active users. We’re not interested in being a platform for hate speech or harassment because those things are the opposite of great.

    • Cake enables storytelling in ways that status updates on social networks don’t. Sometimes the best conversations unfold over days, weeks, or months. Cake makes it easy to create those stories for the world to follow.

    • You own your experience on Cake. You can hide posts in your conversations that you feel detract from the discussion. You can ignore users whose posts and conversations you don’t want to see. You can mute users to prevent them from posting in conversations you start. And we're working on even more powerful tools to help you have better conversations without needing to worry about trolls, mansplainers, and other nuisances.

    It started with an adventure forum

    Motorcycle rider stuck in a muddy river in Africa, surrounded by excited local children.

    17 years ago I started Adventure Rider, a forum for people who share a peculiar passion for riding rugged motorcycles to exciting places. To my surprise it has grown to almost 2 million monthly visitors despite being based on software from the 90s, in the age of Facebook, as a side hobby, with no promotion.

    For all those years, we adventurers yearned for a better experience and for a place where we could have better conversations about other topics beyond adventure riding. But it became clear the cavalry wasn’t coming. If we wanted to see the service we dreamed of, we’d have to build it.

    So four of us left jobs we loved, put our heads together, and created Cake.

    After a long period of intense design and engineering, we’re thrilled to invite you to join us.

    Richard Saul Wurman, the founder of TED, said “The greatest thing in life is a good conversation between people.” We hope you’ll help us create the conversations we all long for.

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    Chris MacAskill