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    • Name five things you are incredibly interested in that aren't like, related necessarily to your job or your hobbies or whatever ... just five entirely random things you're super interested in for no real reason.

    • Deep sea exploration. It's kind of like slow TV at times, but I find it super fascinating. We watched EV Nautilus as a family all through the summer last year and we're looking forward to the start of dive season this year.

      Nature in general, but I suppose you could split that up into subtopics: plants and animals, physics, etc.



      Pretty much anything Japan - culture, food, language, movies.

    • weather - I have countless apps and subscribe to an in detail explanation of local weather

      soccer/football - especially Manchester United - I know everything- it’s beyond a hobby (ask my family for details)

      technology - computers/phones/ headphones - people get surprised at this one cause I am beyond the age or something.

      Scotland - everything about the place

    • My interests are entirely credible, but here they are:

      Ancient History - I love learning about the roots of civilization

      Futurism - Similarly, I've very curious about where the human experiment is going.

      Music - I'm not (to my regret) a musician, but seem to be surrounded by them and I love exploring music, and am slowly learning more and more.

      Economics and Post Capitalism - I'm lately very curious about this, too. I see problems with our current models, but haven't yet seem a concrete proposal to fix them.

      Travel and Exploration - I love exploring new places and meeting people from different cultures. I travel when I can, and read about far off countries (present, past, and future ones) when I can't.

    • My interests have certainly changed over the years, I’d say currently they’d include:

      Health/Aging - I’m at the age and disability level that makes me aware of and interested in anything related to bettering myself.

      Aquatics - anything pool or swimming related.

      The ocean - it’s health and it’s beauty.

      Books/Reading - new authors, publishing development, the resurgence of print.

      The Sky - anything related to weather or astronomical topics. I watch the sky so much I routinely trip over things.

    • As a moderator on Cake, I try to start panels and conversations that will result in high engagement.

      If you have an interest you’re passionate about that isn’t covered in the above “interest bios,” please share it here.

      From a separate thread I’ll share the major interests of new user @peach

      I’m interested in art, games, anime, music and cooking

    • How have your interests changed since the pandemic began?

      If you’re a sports fan, where are you devoting your time to now?

      What new interests have you started?