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    • Whenever someone says sheeple I automatically think they’re not too smart. I guess I could cherry pick examples where it would make sense but the majority of the time I think conspiracy hack not worth engaging with. Dunning Kruger effect. Conspiracy theorist who thinks they are special and know things most of the population doesn’t know but they’re gifted in knowing these things. Sheeple is a great way for me to classify people quickly so as not to waste my time. Have you guys had the same experience I’ve had?

    • Absolutely, 'Wake up Sheeple' it's the first thing that's rolled out as soon as you question anything about their latest theory.

      The other thing that grabs me is that for anyone who uses Sheeple, EVERY.SINGLE.THING government, scientists, or corporations do is a conspiracy. There's no individual assessment of each action and a single entity can be part of multiple different conspiracies and the Sheeple users hairdresser or some guy on the internet is the only authoritive expert on any subject.

    • Bang on. The use of capitals is paramount as you’ve brought up. They become crusaders of their ‘truth’. I don’t see them as trolls but rather sad misguided and duped souls. You seem very well versed in the type.

    • I think I got the "sheeple" look today when I told someone that indeed Covid is a disease and not a fabrication by the government. That mask wearing is not an individual freedom to be taken away but rather a compassionate act to take care for one another. Oh well I don't think I change any minds today...maybe tomorrow

    • Not sure what your message is there. Yeah we have to question what news is presented to us on tv but I’m more concerned with people who believe none of it and instead put their complete trust in some conspiracy hack online

    • You seem very well versed in the type

      I recently had to defriend someone because their level of fanaticism become untolerable, and have a couple of others that are showing signs of heading that way.

    • I was simply being humorous.

      I don't know how long you have been reading my postings but I am not one of Trump's supporters.

      Gary Larsen's comic was produced long before Trump was president.

      If you were to read Allen Drury novels you would find that even as far back as the 1950s the mainstream media was very slanted. If you were to study the 1930s, you would find political bias in the media actually supportive of Germany.

      When I was in school in the 1970s and required to use the periodical index, I quickly learned that some magazines were slanted in one direction and some in another

      I posted that comic simply to be humorous but if you really think that the media is as pure as the driven snow, maybe you need to study the life of William Randolph Hearst and of Philip and Katharine Graham.

      Or maybe you might ask yourself why some historical newspapers were called <Cityname> Democrat or <Cityname> Republican.

    • Try just unfollowing them for a while and hope for a later recovery. Not everyone has the time or mental faculty or interest in critical thinking, science and so on. As hard as it is we have to try to stop misinformation from spreading but we can’t save those who will no longer pay attention to evidence. Sorry about your personal experience. Maybe it’ll free up some energy for some new people :) I think many people aren’t thinking their best under duress. Good luck.

    • lol I certainly don’t think the media is unbiased. How could I when I read multiple sources on the same news item and sometimes read very different takes. I teach bias, critical thinking and source evaluation. That’s not to say I don’t have a lot to learn. Recently I was reading about conspiracy theories and snake oil stuff in old print material. It’s nothing new but the speed and spread of it is unprecedented.

      I guess I’ll also add that someone can be a Trump supporter while still aware of the media bias on Fox News as well as the rest of them. You don’t have to like Trump as an individual to support what the Republicans are doing. I also don’t think all Trump supporters are racists bigots or stupid. Individuals are mostly focused on themselves, especially when they are or have been struggling. Those left and largely forgotten people at the bottom of the income ladder certainly have reasons to be pissed at the elite political decisions that haven’t helped them. The anger isn’t new but Trump was able to take advantage of it. I’m glad he’s not smarter. One also doesn’t have to like Trump to like numerous things like the move away from abortions, tightening up the problematic border situation, upset about China stealing American technology and on and on. If you’re for lower taxes and live at the top then Trump is likely who you’d support. Again people don’t have to like the guy or thinks he’s doing it all right to still support the general Republican package over that if their rivals. That said I don’t support most of his or the Republican ideas. I have my personal needs that vary from other people.