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    • I feel like you’ve gathered together such top minds to share their best pieces of advice, such as “how to retain more users with value-based onboarding.” Would Rocketship.FM ever write a book?

    • Maybe! I think right now we’re more interested in telling stories. So unless one of those stories was big enough to be a book, then we might do it, but right now, focusing on telling great micro-stories is more important to us than I think some of the actionable content we focused on in the past. So if we ever wrote a book, it would be more a story about technology, versus a how-to.

    • Not as big as Industry, but we are looking at doing some physical events in New York City, where we’ll be interviewing some of the local tech scene there in-person. So probably something much smaller, but we’d definitely love to get more of a physical presence in cities where we have a large listenership.

    • We’ve got 8 episodes for season 6, launching on each Thursday, on BlockLand. We’re going to dive into the Blockchain ecosystem a bit, we’ve talked to most of the civic leaders in Cleveland, we’ve talked to Bernie himself about what they are doing and what the future of this initiative will be. And we even interviewed some folks who believe it’s not going to happen. After those 8 episodes, we’re planning season 7 right now. I can’t say too much, but we’re looking at experimental product development, and how we can showcase the work that people are doing outside of the tech industry.

    • I think there are times when we haven’t been inspired, and those are hard. When we kept doing the same thing over and over, trying to crank out as many interviews as possible, it got really hard. We weren’t inspired. So what we did about 2 years ago now was we stopped caring about the metrics, and started making content that we liked. It means the show changed drastically, we lost listenership, luckily we’ve gained it back, but some people started listening for what the show started out being and didn’t like how it changed. We keep evolving the show, as storytellers, as people. We pay less attention to constant growth, and pay more attention to stories and what we want to tell, versus what people want to hear. And when we did that, it became fun again. We were ok losing a little bit of following to create something we were actually proud of.

    • With the many incredible individuals you’ve spoken to - what words of advice would you have for others, whether they want to start a similar podcast or endeavor, or are looking to start a new business or idea?

    • If you’re looking for a podcast or endeavor, you have to ask “What is your goal?” is it to be an influencer? A journalist? And figuring that out first. I think a lot of people start an interview podcast without a real direction, or a direction that’s been done a lot of times, and unless you can do it significantly better than what’s out there, it’s hard to grow your following. It’s about finding a unique angle on what you’re interested in, that excitement will come out. For a new business or idea, I think it’s kind of the same, we see so much around being passionate, and pursuing a dream, but I think it’s more realistic to actually look at the business model, at what you’re trying to bring out into the world, talk to customers and talk to people before starting anything else. There’s a lot of great ideas, but if you want to start a business, you have to start a business. It’s about the market, or it’s about the model, a unique spin on one of those.