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    • My wife wants a sleep tracker for Christmas and I have no experience with them. From what I can tell, there are three choices: something for the wrist like a Fitbit, something for the mattress like an Apple Beddit, and an O2 sensor for your thumb. She was unsure about the Fitbit because the reviews are mixed. She doesn't care about recording steps during the day.

      I'm starting to research them but I had never heard of a Beddit. It's a strip that goes under the sheets that can measure breathing rate, heart rate, snoring, time spent sleeping, etc. Nokia has a competitor I haven't had time to check out.

      And then there's this. It gets better reviews than all of them because it measures blood oxygen level but it looks uncomfortable. Any experience with these things?

    • I don't know anything about gadgets designed specifically for sleep tracking, unfortunately. I only know of wearables like from Fitbit as you mentioned, and I personally have a Mi Band 2. I haven't used the sleep tracking function, but my friend's mom has, and she's quite happy with it. If you are only looking for something to track your sleep I don't think I can be of much help, but if you don't mind looking at fitness bands as well, I could recommend the Mi Band. Pretty cheap, and gets some great reviews.

    • What sleep metrics are most important for her to track, and how important is the accuracy of those metrics? And more importantly, what does she hope the data will improve? Seems like there's a wide range of devices built for specific needs. For example, a sleep tracker pulse oximeter won't be too useful for tracking general sleep movement but pretty useful for detecting sleep apnea I'd think.

      I have the Sense Sleep System. I loved it, but then the company went out of business and the device doesn't work now that it has no servers to connect to.

    • It depends on what she wants to monitor.

      I just use the Sleep Cycle app on my phone or iPad and it’s been great for tracking when I actually fall asleep and wake up, as well as rousing me when I’m at a good spot in my sleep cycle. It’s amazing the difference I feel when woken up that way versus just an ordinary alarm set at an arbitrary time.

      I’ve used it for my kids as well to better understand how long it takes them to fall asleep and how quality their sleep is.