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    • @Chris now that this thread has a good bit on it, here's a suggestion. Why not show this thread in reverse order. When I click the notification, it loads the entire conversation and scrolls me down to the very bottom. This means you have to load the entire page and all of the images to the browser before you can even see the latest comment. Would it not make sense to have the recent responses at the top and you scroll down to see the older comments? I get that my original post gets lost that way, but maybe pin that at the top? I'm thinking that if there were 400 comments on this topic and 250 photos, I would take a really really really long time to load. Just throwing ideas out.

    • I like it a lot. The F22 shot I did a matte finish so it isn't a gloss finish and works great with the plane on metal. It looks more metallic. This was my first try with a non gloss metal finish. It worked well with the plane.

      The fall shot to the left is bright and vibrant and has a gloss finish.