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    • Nice shots @Pathfinder ! I love the Blue Angels. I like the Thunderbirds as well, but I think the Blue Angels put on a slightly better show. For this recent show I went to, I got a photographers pass and rented a Sony a7iii and the 100-400mm lens. I was really pleased with the results! I typically shot with an a6000. I stayed for all three days and ended up with a mountain of images. At 10fps, you can really fill up a card. I'm still going through them and probably will be for months.

    • Let's see some more of your air show images, please!

      I'll let some others share, but here's one since you asked. I had to practice a bit to get my panning at a slow shutter speed down so I'd end up with the full prop blade in motion and the rest of it in focus.