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    • I grew up near Dobbins AFB and the flight path was over our house. C-5's all day, then c-130's. Saw the Blue Angles many times there, then traveled to Robins AFB to see them with my daughter after they quit having air shows because of the population around Dobbins. Also saw B-1's at Peachtree City. Then The Thunderbirds and an F-22 at Dobbins the few years they let airshows back before they stopped them again. I missed the Blue Angels in Rome Last Month. Really wanted to go because A-10's were supposed to performing.

    • I see C-130s flying around on a regular basis. I miss hearing the F-22s test runs when they came off of the production line. The C-5s predate me. I was at the last airshow at Dobbins (getting out of there was a complete disaster, way worse than most airshows). I missed last year's WONG show with the Blue Angels as well. This year's show was still really good even though the Thunderbirds and Blue Angels were not there. It was my first time to see the Tora Tora Tora demo which was pretty slick. Here's one of my shots from their demo:

    • I've been fortunate to see the Tora Tora Tora performance several times - last time in August 2018. - I think they keep making the explosions larger over the years and I still find myself behind and slow, since I never know when explosions are about to explode

      The smoke was so thick it was difficult to even see the airplanes let alone photograph them - I wondered how bad the visibility was for the pilots flying by each other at the center of the runways

      Here is the re-enactment a B-17 landing after crossing the Pacific with only one landing gear down as happended during attack on Pearl Harbor

      And another Japanese torpedo bomber on an approach run - it was very humid and hazy before the attack performance and REALLY smoky and hazy after it started

    • Nice shots. For the show I was just at on the second day the wind was blowing the smoke towards the crowds, so it was harder to see. It's kind of more realistic in that the explosions happen after the plane has passed because that's how it would be in reality.

    • @Chris now that this thread has a good bit on it, here's a suggestion. Why not show this thread in reverse order. When I click the notification, it loads the entire conversation and scrolls me down to the very bottom. This means you have to load the entire page and all of the images to the browser before you can even see the latest comment. Would it not make sense to have the recent responses at the top and you scroll down to see the older comments? I get that my original post gets lost that way, but maybe pin that at the top? I'm thinking that if there were 400 comments on this topic and 250 photos, I would take a really really really long time to load. Just throwing ideas out.

    • I like it a lot. The F22 shot I did a matte finish so it isn't a gloss finish and works great with the plane on metal. It looks more metallic. This was my first try with a non gloss metal finish. It worked well with the plane.

      The fall shot to the left is bright and vibrant and has a gloss finish.