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    • One of my favorite things to do is come up with crazy movie titles and plots. It’s a fun creative writing exercise and I find it to be entertaining. With Star Wars Episode IX coming out on December 20th, I thought I would try to come up with 10 different plots between now and when Episode IX is released. Also, I thought some of you would find this fun. By all means, feel free to share your own ideas for Star Wars plots in here as well. Both off the wall plots and ones that you feel are legitimate options that the franchise could explore. Mine are mostly going to be crazy, but who knows? Maybe some of you will find these to be legit ideas! Haha 

    • Star Wars Episode X: The Rise and Fall of Darth Chewbacca

      With Han Solo no longer around to keep him in check, Chewbacca goes rogue and starts to experiment with the dark side of the force. Upon realizing that the force is actually very strong with him, Chewbacca becomes the most powerful individual in the galaxy, gathering up armies and legions of other Wookiees and even Ewoks, a small, cuddlier relative of the Wookiee. 

      After converting the Millennium Falcon into an epic space station, Chewbacca and his minions appear to be unstoppable. It is at this point that C3PO and R2D2 come to the rescue. With the help of Jedi mind tricks that they learned from Luke Skywalker, the two droids are able to convince Chewbacca that he’s actually a ghost and that he was killed along with Han Solo.

      Upon believing that he’s actually a ghost, Chewbacca gets much more self-reflective and introspective about his life and what he’s become. This inwardness causes Chewbacca to second guess his evil ways and actually convert back to the good side. When he learns that he’s actually not a ghost, Chewbacca gets really upset and actually spontaneously combusts into itty bitty pieces. 

    • Star Wars Episode X: The Rise and Fall of Darth Yoda 

      After the Last Jedi fights his final battle, Yoda decides to join the dark side after feeling he got schiested by Luke Skywalker and the Rebel alliance. With no one to lead the Empire, Yoda decides to become their new leader and bring them back to glory. What adds to the weirdness of all of this is the fact that Yoda has been dead for some time and is leading the Empire from beyond the grave. Even more bizarre is the fact that Yoda looks entirely different in spirit form due to the fact that he was born with a rare genetic disease that turned his skin green and stunted his growth. In spirit form, Yoda looks like a regular human being and is actually quite dashing. 

      With Yoda at the helm, the Empire regains strength and begins to regain power in the galaxy once again. The Rebel alliance, which has been dormant for some time, reforms in order to stop Yoda and his mission to rule the galaxy using his newly found dark powers. What ultimately does Yoda in is his addition to cocaine and other hard drugs. Despite being a ghost, Yoda still can’t kick his drug habit and he winds up going out of control with his drug use, ultimately crippling his abilities to be an effective leader. With Yoda constantly popping pills, the Rebel alliance is able to defeat the Empire once again and regain order in the galaxy. 

    • I'm a big fan of "full circle" plot ideas. Those who fail to learn from history are condemned to repeat it.

      Imagine if the end of this next episode leaves us in a place where we could change the names and dates and watch the entire series again... (Frankly, I thought that's what happened in Episode 7 on a small scale)

      Also, on a side note, Game of Thrones was headed into the full circle with different family members. It was almost perfectly spelled out. If only they had been more creative. Tyrion as the King (queen) Slayer, Gendry (the Baratheon bastard) as the Usurper, and Jon as the Warden of the North. They could have started all over again!


      The Secret Life of C-3PO

      Known for his relationship with R2D2 and his funny British accent, C-3PO actually has a very mysterious side to him. Learn more about the secret life of C-3PO in this never before seen documentary. You will never view him in the same light again. 

    • Leia’s Lost Childhood 

      Princess Leia originally wanted to ditch the whole princess thing to be a pop singer when she was a child. After losing in a galaxy wide singing contest and getting ripped to shreds by a mean judge, Leia returned to public service and eventually became the amazing princess that we all know and love today. 

    • R2Detour 

      In this film you’ll explore the early years of R2D2 in a meaningless plot that goes absolutely nowhere. While you will learn about R2D2’s frequent rendezvous with a distant cousin of C3PO during his years on the planet Naboo, you’ll ask yourself what the purpose of this film is and why R2D2’s backstory is being so thoroughly explored. Things will get mildly interesting during Anakin and Padme’s secret wedding, an event that R2D2 along with C3PO witnessed. But even that you’ll find to be more or less a repetition of what we already learned in Episode II. The only real juicy tidbit of information we get from this film is R2D2’s controversial opinions on consciousness and the reality of the soul. It is his contention that droids don’t really possess consciousness and that while intelligent, they aren’t actually self-aware. What of course makes this ironic is that this means that he believes himself to not be self-aware or possessing any form of true consciousness/soul. 

    • Walking with Ewoks 

      In this film, you will get a closer look at the lives of the Ewoks and what It’s really like to walk in their shoes thanks to the amazing research done by Jane Goodall, who lived among them for many years. You’ll learn of their hardships, their struggles, and their triumphs. 

    • Back from the grave: Anakin Skywalker 

      After finally joining the good side of the force posthumously, Darth Vader wants to be resurrected as his former self Anakin Skywalker. Vader, or should we say Skywalker, gets his wish and becomes the most powerful Jedi of all-time after getting resurrected. His son Luke and daughter Leia join in on the fun and help him re-establish order to the galaxy once more. In a rather bizarre twist, Anakin leaves his post as a most powerful Jedi to start a successful snow shoveling business on the planet Hoth. 

    • Stormtrooper Adventure

      In this film, you’ll get a behind the scenes look at the stressful lives of stormtroopers and the hellacious training that they go through just to sniff the chance of getting blasted by the good guys and missing wide open targets with their rifles. Known as being painfully clumsy in clutch moments, you’ll get a better sense of just how far they really come to put themselves in those humiliating situations. You’ll also learn about their battles with sleep deprivation, depression, and anxiety. 

    • Kylo Rembrandt

      Deciding that wreaking havoc in the galaxy and being the Supreme Leader of the First Order was not fulfilling enough, Kylo Ren changes his name to Kylo Rembrandt and pursues a career in the arts. In this film, you’ll learn how Rembrandt inspired Ren to become an artist and how Ren found about Rembrandt through multi-dimensional/multi-universe time travel. 

    • Lando’s World

      While on the surface he is charming and brimming with positivity, Lando Calrissian is actually a tormented individual who is incredibly dark and disturbed. At the same time, he has a sincere desire to make the world a better place, making him one of the more complex characters in the Star Wars saga. This film explores his lost years on Dagobah, his secret relationship with Yoda, and why he viewed Obi Wan Kenobi as a hack. 

    • Ok, so most if not all of these plots are just me being silly. Randomly combining different Star Wars characters together or even throwing in actual historical figures into the scene. As for what serious plots I think would be cool to explore, I do think learning more about Leia’s upbringing would be pretty cool. We know about Luke’s youth, at least a little bit, but not much is known about Leia.

      Also, learning about Yoda’s early years would be fun. I think that’s what makes Baby Yoda intriguing to some. Though it’s unclear if he’s a young Yoda or a spawn of Yoda or just a baby version of the same species. 

      Lastly, I do think something that involves Anakin coming back in some prominent way would be interesting. I’ve heard rumblings of that maybe happening in Episode IX. Once again, if anyone has any ideas of what direction you would like to see Star Wars go next, comment below!