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    • I thought this was a good movie that combined a futuristic setting dealing with government controlled over population. It had good acting along with a personal freedom vs government control conflict. Good emotional engagement.

    • I watched it about a month ago and it was great. Interesting story with twists and action. A bit brutal in some places, but worth the watch regardless.

    • Oh my God, Barry. I wasn't prepared for that. 😯

      I loved it but holy cow that was intense. I had to look away a couple of times but there wasn't a second of boredom. So many twists and unexpected things happening.

      The one thing that did distract me is I couldn't imagine how Noomi Rapace, the lead actress, could pull that off. The film was originally written with her parts being male but the director thought of her so they spent 10 months re-writing the script.

      Here's an amazing interview with her about how she somehow did it.