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    • I don't feel like you are hijacking the thread. Conversation is what Cake is about. And, hopefully, conversations include all sides and all ideas. πŸ˜€

      Whether change will come soon enough is definitely something to be worried about.

      I am very encouraged by the increased attention being paid to all of the benefits of plant based diets. I am also encouraged by innovation and technology in related ways such as better ways to grow healthy plant foods more economically and to make them more available to everyone.

    • Yesterday I was in San Jose and Bird scooters were strewn about, often on their sides. I didn't count, but I saw dozens. I was walking to take photos of murals for the mural thread so I decided to have a little fun and get around faster with scooter rental. There were a few Limes strewn around and they looked colorful and less beat up than the Birds, so I got one of those. At the end of my ride, it congratulated me on my carbon-free trip.

      Wut? What about the manufacturing, the disposal, the electricity, and the people who round them up in their trucks to charge them? The scooters displaced my walking.

      I have seen no evidence in my lifetime that we're willing to stop consuming. Plastic bottles, packaging, rental scooters, chargers, cell phones, clothes, red meat. We try to call them green, carbon-free, and planet-friendly β€” but are they?

      πŸ‘‡ This isn't my image but it's similar to what I saw in San Jose. Carbon free?