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    • Your post brings back a lot of memories!

      I have a friend who lives in Naknek, Alaska. When I visited her (in the 70s if I remember correctly), the flight from Anchorage to King Salmon was in a plane that carried cargo in the front and passengers in the back. They slid the divider between the sections based on needs (people vs. stuff).

      Those were the days when smoking was still allowed on planes - the smoking zone was on one side of the aisle. Of course that meant that the entire passenger section was full of smoke. Yikes!

    • Looking at vintage footage from the early part of last century I'm always surprised at how dressed up people were, even out on city streets. Look at the dresses and suits and hats on those dusty streets!

      These are flight attendants:

    • Even passenger security was a joke back then! Now the airlines all have much more professional people trained to maintain cabin order. ;)

    • I never have air sickness and actually enjoy the turbulences as a distraction, as long as I made sure to dispense of any full cups of wine or coffee prior! I know airplanes are actually very solid built, so it doesn't concern me that something may break. But one of the most harrowing flights in that regard was one landing in LAS! It seems at that day and time the air currents were really on the move around the valley and desert there. The pilot had to abort landing only seconds before hitting the runway, it was that severe. On another flight our plane actually got hit by lightning above the ocean!

    • 2) Airplane travel back then was a FORMAL event. As a kid, I was required to wear a suit as my parents always dressed to the 9's even to go to the local market. But, it was ok. It was exciting and there was an unspoken status bump if you were traveling by airplane.

      Oh my gosh! Wasn’t that the truth! When my grandparents decided to take my 12yo cousin and I (10yo) to London with them, wardrobe was the main concern! 😂

      3) Even as a youngster, I sort of remember having plenty of boy crushes on any or all of the stewardesses. They were all hawt! lol

      To this day I find myself sometimes thinking, “How did he/she ever get this stewardess/cabin attendant job? They look so average.” 🥴 (Forgive me, Lord!) Back in the day, there was a pecking order. I remember Dad and Mom talking about how the most attractive stewardesses earned their way “up” to the flights to Hawaii.

      Hoo, boy... This makes me feel old! I got the same feeling watching Catch Me If You Can. Lots of glamour flying in that pic...