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    • In reading Chris's posts I am contrasting the difference between Facebook and Cake as far as privacy goes. There is a world of difference, thankfully, so I rarely use Facebook but enjoy the anonymity of Cake.

      I like interesting stories, facts, articles, books, and conversations. I don't want to know that my former college roommate is now subtly racist (at least the Facebook email from her account there today seems to indicate that). Or what someone ate for dinner last night (unless they live nearby and have leftovers to share!). The other reasons for giving up Facebook are more compelling....the whole lack of privacy and data mining. So giving up Facebook would not be that difficult.

      But I don't see any reason for giving up Cake, along with other social media sites. It has none of those downsides.

    • I kind of agree with her—whenever my data has been compromised, I have been “made whole” through an offer of a discount on some ridiculous “reputation-saving” company that expects me to **share my data** so it can protect it better during the next data breach. wtf

      Sure, there would be a huge rise in class action lawsuits (which, generally speaking, only make attorneys money) and the Wild, Wild West of the Internet would probably shrink or disappear, but putting in place some *real* (expensive) consequences for sharing other people’s data seems to me to be long overdue...