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    • I'm getting a 5k iMac (Late 2014 i7 4 GHz) and was wondering if there are any quirks that I should be aware of for using it with Lightroom? I know with my Dell laptop (i7-7700HQ/NVME drive) at least dropping the resolution to 1080 helps a lot with culling since it'll stutter if I go too quickly at 4k but can the iMac handle it at full resolution? I'll be editing 24MP Nikon images.

      I've been reading about performance issues with Mojave, have those been worked out with updates? Plus any other general Mac tips would be helpful especially for LR/Photoshop
      I've stayed up on the hardware thanks to my Apple obsessed father but it's been about a decade since I've used OSX regularly.

      Right now my plans are to split the fusion drive and use the SSD for the OS/LR cache. Then the images and catalogs will be on a USB 3.0 SSD.

    • I am using an iMacPro and I find it acceptable for LR with ~ 150,000 Raw or tiff files on an external Promise RAID array, and my catalogs and my back up catalog files on my SSD boot drive. I back up my SSD boot drive and my external array to several other hard drives every few days.

      I think you may find the USB 3.0 access to be slow enough to be a noticeable link - If your machine offers a Thunderbolt port I think that would be a better choice for connecting external drives. USB 3.0 isn't terrible but for a large number of 20-40 Mb files it will take some time, it will not be near instantaneous, and what you will find you want is - instantaneous.

      Lightroom doesn't demand that much power for simple editing of exposure, color balance, cropping, etc - BUT when you start doing local real time selection with adjustment brushes, then the need for power is more apparent - by power I mean processor and video processor power. High speed RAM helps also.

      I have not had issues specific to Mojave on my present machine or a 2013 Trash Can Power Mac. I am able to run LR along with PS and several add on plug ins for LR or PS, as well as Safari with 5 or 10 pages in Tab mode. But there are times I close everything but LR too.

      I prefer my catalog on the fastest drive access I have, which is my boot SSD, to minimize my waiting for the catalog to load and run, and update as I work.. If your Catalog is large, ( my Catalog is 2.2 Gb, and my Previews file is about 52 Gb ) loading them both can take a few moments even on a fast machine. If the files are on an external drive, they will be much slower to load and run. If they are on your boot drive then you must back up your boot drive often to keep your Catalog safe, and you might prefer your Catalog BU files to be on your external drive storage, or off site on Back Blaze or both.

      If you have more specific questions I will be happy to try to post my opinion FWIW.

      One other point, I use only ONE catalog for all of my image files, so that with keywords I can find my selected images quickly. Some folks try to use seperate Catalogs, but I don't favor that approach. Nor do I favor scattering my image files across mulitple external drives scattered about, I strongly prefer ALL my image files on one specific Physical drive ( or Array ). That way I always know where they are and where they are supposed to be.

    • I've been using the Imac 5K i7 for a few years now currently running Mojave, Lightroom and Photoshop which I need for Focus Stacking so a bit of processing going on there stacking 20 plus images, No issues here, I've got over 244,000 images currently in the one catalogue, Importing a full 64Gb card does take some time so it’s a start the down load go and do something and come back, but once uploaded all good, No issues working in the develop module, the bringing of the images from lightroom into photoshop to stack by opening images as layers takes a little time, but not to bad depends on image size, but all up no complaints here, the images are stored on an 8 Tb external drive, thou will be looking at a larger drive in the future, time to start to look for some serious capacity and some sort of redundancy, Currently run a couple of drives and back up to them, but going to eventually need more space, so need to start planning soon, for now, the system seems sound no issues running latest lightroom, photoshop and a few other plug ins I use with Mojave.  Good luck.   

    • Thanks, and @Glenn_Smith too for your replies.

      I split up my catalogs per shoot because there are just so many photos and I switch between my desktop and laptop regularly so it's easy to transfer. And with windows at least LR doesn't care about the drive letter as long as the folder structure is the same so I'm hoping that carries over.

      I decided to run a test and I dunno if it's due to improvements with LR since I last tried it but @4k it was able to scroll through the images with no lag on both USB and SATA with both the images and catalog on that drive along with a 20GB cache on NVME which is how I'll also be running it on the iMac. Import times were also the same but I upload first then run import off the SSD so I'm not sure how it would compare if you were doing the whole process via LR. Random question but can you run multiple cards at once with LR? I've found that at least with the 95 MBps cards that 2 at once onto the SSD isn't an issue.

      RAM will be my next upgrade, the best I can get is DDR3 1600 MHz I think? The 2015 offers 1867 but I can't find anything about if the Late 2014 can take it. Either way I'll probably be maxing that out in short order and should have a pretty nice computer at least as long as I stay around 24MP which should be a few more years.

    • I can find 1600MHz DDR3L So dimms at for 32 GB ( 4 8 GB sticks ) at $149.88. - I have used memory from OWC /macsales for years without any issues.

      Lexar used to offer a tower that would hold 4 seperate Lexar card readers that could be plugged in via a USB 3 port and they could all be accessed. I had one for years and never used it, so I finally discarded it. But it did work and is still available from several vendors

      Lexar Professional Workflow HR1 Four-Bay USB 3.0 Reader Hub LRWHR1RBNA

      Apparently there is some reporting that Adobe has finally begun to allow all the CPU cores in our machines to be utilized by LR in the latest upgrade - I am not aware of this but I saw this link this morning

      And from the WWDC this afternoon - It looks like when Catalina arrives this fall, we will be able to use an iPad as a screen extension on our Macs, and can edit and markup with the Apple pencil on the iPad screen and have it translated simultaneously to our Mac's screen - that will be nice, and a 2014 iMac will run Catalina when it is available. Cool!!