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    • I just came across this video from one of my favorite Chinese YouTube channels. It was all about trying weird foods. The guy is lives in Thailand and brought weird Thai snacks to try while the girl lives in China and brought weird Chinese snacks to try. Pretty entertaining. It got me to thinking about weird snacks I've tried. It would probably be the crocodile meat I had in South Africa, which actually was pretty good. I don't think @Chris tried any of that. Anyways, what's the weirdest food you've tried? How adventuresome are you when it comes to trying new foods?

    • I used to teach survival in the Southern Utah desert and it’s amazing how insects begin to look pretty good after 3 days out. After two weeks, worms are delicious! Yum.

      Two months ago in Costa Rica our guide gave us some Beatles to try. Little Daniel and I went down on ours while everyone else recoiled. Just like the guide told us, they taste like pepper. Pretty good.

    • That's way cool! I didn't know you taught a survival course in Southern Utah! Yeah, I bet after being out in the wilderness for a long enough time, anything that can crawl and provide protein looks good!

    • Btw, which member of the Beatles did you eat? If I recall, a “Beatle” is a member of the Beatles. A beetle is a type of insect. Sorry, I had to say something about your spelling error there. LOL 😂