I've several times written about how the News Media handles political stories and crime stories.

Today, the police arrested a woman who was in the Captain America movie because they alleged that she had committed second degree murder.

This gives me a chance to demonstrate what I am referencing but I'm not going to read all the articles just look at a few of the headlines.

Most of the headlines I've seen are reasonably unbiased, others not so much.

Right way to write a headline (There are other examples but I'm short on time.)



Fox News

NY Daily News

Falls short of good but isn't horrible

The Daily Beast (Uses "allegedly" which is a prejudicial word. It is correct to say "The Police allege that she killed." It is bad to say "She killed allegedly." An adverb modifies a verb and tells how something was done. It implies that she did indeed kill in a manner described by the adverb,)


KCTV Kansas City wrote a headline that tries to fix itself by adding "police say" as the last two words.

Horribly wrong

Metro Puts quote marks around a prejudicial statement. I'm not doubting someone may have said that but whoever said it was speaking prejudicially. Putting quote marks doesn't change the fact that this news outlet used a biased quote for its headline unlike many others news outlets.