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    • Having this would be a life saver on summer road trips. It's so tough to plan in dog-friendly stops when I'm traveling with my dog in the summer.

      This is a life-critical feature. It's scary to think about the A/C stopping on hot summer days with my dog inside. It would be awesome if you could get alerts if the temperature is rising in the car.

    • It seems that the new Dog Mode stole all the hype from the also announced Sentry Mode.

      From this Verge article:

      If the Tesla detects a person leaning on it, for example, it’ll count that as a minimal threat, switch into an Alert state, and present a notification on its dash display that it’s taking a video recording of what’s happening. Should a window be smashed, however, the Alarm state is triggered, the display increases brightness, and the speakers start blaring out music at max volume. All of that is on top of the obvious and standard response of the car alarm going off. Sentry Mode needs to be enabled every time a user wants to rely on it, and it’ll download a video recording of any incidents to a formatted USB drive, should you have one around to plug in before turning the mode on.

      That is super cool!