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    • Larry, has your daughter or your wife caught your photography fever? Have they helped out in the lab or been involved somehow?

      • My daughter took photo classes in High School and they shot, processed and printed BW film and they even printed a little in color. She likes photography and continues to take classes and shoot. She is off to college soon!

        My wife has been very patient with work pace over the years, she helps at the lab a couple of hours a week.

    • Eric

      Larry, what are some particularly challenging prints that you have tackled over the years? Do you still face day to day technical challenges or are those mostly when coming up with a new process?

      • The most challenging that I can remember were triptychs, or more panels, done on enlargers. A photographer would take a series of photos by just turning the camera to capture an entire scene. Light would change, perhaps exposure would change on each one of these negatives. So in order for them to match each other on the edges (there was also lens falloff) we would have to burn the edges down very carefully on each image. Color would also change on each panel and if the photographer wanted 20 sets, each set would have to match. Digital makes all that fairly easy.

        In digital we do some interesting things with custom cutting in order to put "mosaics" together for large panels.

        There are so many product lines that were and still remain challenging. Every day we have technical challenges but we have built teams to take care of things like file and order manipulation to make sure photographers get what they are expecting and software improvements to help in production.

    • kevin

      Larry, I’ve heard about a new 600 DPI print product you have, can you talk about that? Isn’t 600 DPI overkill? Do you really notice a difference?

      • Hi, yes you do notice a difference on most images. If your image is not 610 DPI at the size you are going to print it (not many files are), it does interpolate to that resolution, kind of like a 1080P TV to 4K.

    • Thanks for the fantastic Q&A! Keep making awesome prints! Love my Bay Photo prints and great to know more of the story behind them! Any secret new products you are working on we should keep our eyes open for?!

      • Yes, one is going to be an 18x18 hardcover photobook with thick pages. I suppose some people will want to have a wedding album that big but it could be a great thing for a portfolio. Few other products, some are exciting if we can pull it off!

    • Vilen

      Larry, I’ve always wondered about how much color correction you do on the prints automatically vs manually in the lab? It is such a subjective art. Has it become easier with technology and AI, or is it still hand color corrected?

      • All color correction is done by hand but the system we use allows us to color correct with great speed. Density, Red, Green, Blue, Contrast, Saturation and Gamma. I have seen some very nice automated systems that we will review at some point.

        If it is a scenic, landscape or subjective art we do very little or none unless it is obvious that a change is needed. We will work with photographers to optimize their files because, especially on art, we want that file to look the same every time it is printed. So after the file is set up there should be no color correction. I can color correct something today by hand and if I do the same image tomorrow it will not be identical.

        You can imagine with a wedding for instance, how important it is to make sure all the images match each other, so color correction it is invaluable for wedding and portrait work.

    • Larry, thanks for the Q&A. A friend of mine recently turned me onto Bay Photo and I’m planning to send some images for print. I always shoot RAW and jpeg. I edit it Lightroom and/or Photoshop. What is the preferred file format when submitting to Bay Photo? Also, does Bay Photo allow walk-ins?

      • Let me know how things work out. We do accept TIFF files but, we have done much testing and if you save to a JPEG once at highest resolution that would be the preferred file format. If you are in the area you can certainly pay us a visit.

    • No question, just wanted to say I loved reading this here, and am big fan of Bay Photo.

    • cabbey

      Hey Larry, a few years back you printed some 14' long panos for me. I recall it took a while because even your normally tight tollerances on the printers weren't enough and it was a challenge to keep them aligned that accurately over that long of a print. How often do you get fun technical challenges like that?

      • Hi Cabbey, we get fun technical challenges regularly, requests for things that are not in our catalog or new products we are developing. Very hard for us to say no for some reason! In the past week we have had taken on the production of much larger frame than we normally do, a request for an item that challenged some of our mounting techniques. Meanwhile we are always challenged with improving our day to day activities as well as new product development.