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    • I read Richard Dawkin's The Selfish Gene while doing my undergrad and have read many of his books since then. He created in me a love for studying evolution and a desire to more deeply understand how the evolution of humans has affected our personalities and drives. I wonder how many other people here have had their lives changed by Dawkins and if his more controversial attacks on religion has affected their view of him?

    • I think Richard Dawkins is a smart man who has said and written some smart things, but he's also a sexist jerk who has said and written some very dumb things that have emboldened a lot of other sexist jerks in the atheist community.

      I'm often uncomfortable describing myself as an atheist because people like Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens have given atheists such a bad name. I don't like being associated with them.

    • Unfortunately I'm unable to read the link you've provided because I'm not a subscriber and I guess I've read the limit of articles for the month. I'm aware of the some of the stuff Dawkins has said that is controversial but not up to speed on all of it. Thanks for your input.

    • Religious News Service.... now they're never going to twist what he says or make him seem like a demon... I'm not saying there's no credibility in the article but just that it's going to present him in the worst way possible because he is attacking their institution on a grand scale. Appreciate you providing me the link. Oh, btw I'm not defending him here but just pointing out a possible bias of the news outlet.

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