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    • I'll definitely keep tabs on what Google announces at I/O like I normally do, but over the years I feel like it's just gotten less and less exciting. Not entirely sure why. Maybe because most of the stuff Google announces just won't ever reach my country or are exclusive to Pixels. It's getting harder and harder to get excited about what Google is doing, but I'll still pay close attention to the event regardless.

    • Oh, and you never know, we might get yet another messenger app. (not even sure if I should add a /s here)

      Wait - you mean they will reveal just one new messenger app this year? :D

      For what it's worth, their presentation of Allo some years ago still is among my personal Top 10 of hilarious I/O moments: "Look, you can drag this slider to whisper or shout!" (following video at around 32:00)

      Don't forget new hardware!

      Right! Pixel phones, something new in the Assistant/Home automation category and perhaps a word or two about wearables (considering that they just released the Tiles feature for Wear OS) would be nice. I'm personally less interested in using Stadia myself, but learning some more details would be a good thing as well.

    • Yeah, the keynote itself seems to have become less spectacular as far as end-user content is concerned over the years. I hope there will still be something of interest for you, feel free to join with any comments you have. :)