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    • Kelly Marie talks about recording the audiobook for the new movie and how long it took!

      Stephen asks "when last we saw your character, where was she?" Kelly responds with "She was in a coma, she was having a rest... I'd love that too!"

      Stephen asks if "they're going on this adventure TOGETHER - does that include everyone on that stage?" JJ responds with "HOW DARE YOU!"

      And Stephen says "I work for them JJ!" *gesturing towards the audience*

      JJ says "You have to see what happens in the film..."

    • Joonas Suotamo leads a round of applause for Peter Mayhew, his mentor for the role of Chewbacca!

      Stephen asks why Chewie is such a beloved character. Joonas says "Well, for me, playing Chewbacca is sort of a duty at this point, because when I was sitting on our living room carpet, sitting and watching the saga for the first time, Luke drinking the blue milk, watching Chewbacca for the first time, I was sure that in this world, there's a place for everyone, and no matter how big or small you are, there's a place for you in this world. And that's what I believe."

      Stephen asks what do Porgs taste like? Joonas says "They taste best fried!"

      Stephen asks what it was like to shoot in Jordan versus Tunisia. Anthony Daniels says "Every day I would get was the most astounding setting to be in, and the Jordanian people, the Jordanian army, they were really like our family. It was a glorious experience."

    • Stephen Colbert shares how in 1977, as a 13 year old, he called into a radio contest and won 4 tickets to the original Star Wars... and how the tickets felt special, and "we walked in, we sat down, and as soon as A LONG LONG TIME AGO, IN A GALAXY FAR FAR AWAY, we got goosebumps. And then of course - no one knew what was going on, and everyone cheered in the room! We didn't know what we were in for. And then 2 hours later, we woke up [our friend] Haskill's mom... on Monday, when we got to school, we couldn't explain to anybody that everything was different now, that we had seen the future. So that's why I've been a fan for 3 weeks longer than all of you."

      BB-8 Has a new friend in the movie!

    • Meet Dio! BB-8's new friend.

      JJ shares "like with Celebration last time, like when BB-8 rolled out and we never had BB-8 be able to roll out, this really was built for you."

    • I just watched this today, what did everyone else think of it?

      I thought while it was generally an enjoyable movie some scenes were very Disney/Cheesy and some things in the finale especially too predictable. The finale music was also very Disney.

      Overall enjoyable as light entertainment but don't expect the quality of the first 3 films.