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    • Stephen Colbert shares how in 1977, as a 13 year old, he called into a radio contest and won 4 tickets to the original Star Wars... and how the tickets felt special, and "we walked in, we sat down, and as soon as A LONG LONG TIME AGO, IN A GALAXY FAR FAR AWAY, we got goosebumps. And then of course - no one knew what was going on, and everyone cheered in the room! We didn't know what we were in for. And then 2 hours later, we woke up [our friend] Haskill's mom... on Monday, when we got to school, we couldn't explain to anybody that everything was different now, that we had seen the future. So that's why I've been a fan for 3 weeks longer than all of you."

      BB-8 Has a new friend in the movie!

    • Meet Dio! BB-8's new friend.

      JJ shares "like with Celebration last time, like when BB-8 rolled out and we never had BB-8 be able to roll out, this really was built for you."