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    • This seems great but problem is how do I get others to use it? I use WhatApp when talking to family abroad -- simple reason -- it works. iMessenger only works abroad if other person has an iphone so WhatsApp it is ..

      I will look at Telegram though -- thanks for the tip

    • If there's one thing I've learned, it's that people won't change what apps they use unless they had a bad experience. My friends who complained about losing their WhatsApp chats (and photos sent via WhatsApp) only tried out Telegram after the fact. It's definitely not easy to get people on board a new platform, but if you can get just the people closest to you that would be a good start. Like I mentioned in my post, I use Telegram more than WhatsApp because the people I communicate with the most are all on Telegram. I use WhatsApp with more people, but I don't talk to them as much as I do with my contacts on Telegram.

    • One thing I love about Telegram is location sharing. If you go on a road trip in a bunch of cars, you can share your location with a group in real time (for a limited time). Also if you're sightseeing - you can always tell where the rest of the group is.

    • Thank you for this wonderful post! I have been a Telegram user for almost 3 years now and even I had forgotten about a few of these features.

      I am from India and the majority of people here use Whatsapp as well. This means that I too have hardly any contacts on Telegram but it doesn't matter to me since I use Telegram exclusively to chat with my girlfriend.

      Being able to use it on multiple platforms is a huge plus for me. Usually she will send me pictures she has clicked on her phone and I can just login to my PC and view it on my huge monitor. If she has clicked anything on her dslr, she will usually transfer the pictures to her computer. I don't have to wait for her to transfer it to her phone since she can easily use the desktop app to send me the pictures! I can also delete pictures from my phones gallery and not worry about losing it permanently since they are backed up in the cloud.

      While this may sound like shilling, I just want to say that is just my personal opinion and Telegram is the better platform for my needs. Hope they introduce video calls this year and I should be a happy camper!

    • If It wasn't for work I think I'd never use WhatsApp. Luckily I have convinced my immediate family members to use Telegram, at least to communicate only with me, even if they have no other contacts using it. Other than its default functions, I also use Telegram heavily for saving links (by sharing links to myself; something WhatsApp can't do yet).