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    • Does anyone else on here regularly read Paul Krugman? For or against his views? I have to say I'm pretty sold on most of what he says but it could be that I'm left leaning. I've never taken economics in school but I've read a number of books by people like J K Galbraith. Any recommendations by other economists who write stuff like Krugman or Galbraith? I really don't want to be bogged down by math even though I'm a math teacher.

    • Yes, I read his column regularly. The funny thing is, just saying that brands me as left-leaning whether I am or not. Many people assume it means I don't read what the right has to say, which isn't true.

      It's funny you mention him today, because yesterday I posted Krugman's opinion piece Facts Have a Well-Known Liberal Bias in the politics section of my motorcycle message forum. It already has 245 replies and 2524 views 24 hours later. The discussion is pretty spirited...

    • Thanks for the reply and link. I gave it a read and similar things have been said numerous times. I have to agree with him but that's nothing new. I would say someone reading Krugman is likely to be left leaning - would you not agree? Certainly it's no guarantee and like you, I also read right leaning news because I want to know my biases and to hear multiple perspectives of the story. I read Fox news and even Breitbart on ocassion though I don't think Breitbart is good for my brain. I'd say reading the commentaries on Fox news articles is most enlightening if you want to understand where the far right is at. To me it's actually disturbing to see how truly out of touch many of them really are. Having a favourite past time devoted to studying critical thinking makes me cringe at where things are headed. I like to focus on the positive though and tend to remind myself that it exposes the real problems, biases, ignorance and hatred so that it can be addressed.

    • I watched the video and have heard the message many times. I'm in total agreement that lowering taxes is merely what the rich political contributors want so that's what they get. You Chris seem to be a more progress person who cares about the truth more than your own bank account.