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    • Y'all have really stirred my curiosity with all these e-bikes!! I was considering and looking for a Zero or similar electrical motorcycle, but I do want the exercise benefits too. So an e-bike seems more logical since I could just take it on a car rack and ride on one of the many forest trails around here. One thing that surprises me is how come there isn't any regenerative recharging as far I can tell...

      Thanks for posting and sharing.

    • isn't any regenerative recharging as far I can tell...

      All their bikes BESIDES the RadRover (the fatboy) do have regenerative recharging. All my searches on the internet everyone promotes over 30mph....dude...20mph is plenty fast for me and I still need to pedal somewhat unless I am going downhill. There are very few flat areas around vegas perse, which now that I am out of shape I am not motivated to get my ass kicked just for a simple ride.

    • That one looks like the bike for me. I have been casually shopping for an ebike which can carry groceries but does not cost too much. Do you think 20 mph is fast enough for roads with a 35 mph speed limit and a bike lane, or would it be better to buy one that can go 28?

    • 20mph is really fast on a bicycle. I mean, it is really fast. The brakes are good but like when you buy a Porsche or Ferrari, probably 20% of your purchase goes into the engineering of braking. The cargo bike since it is heavier, if you get going too fast, you might get jacked up trying to stop on a dime. 20mph seems plenty fast for me and I foresee myself averaging 15mph in a peddle-assist mode.