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    • yep, the demise of hangouts was to me the biggest killer of G+. hangouts were what made G+ so special in it's infancy and what really drew me in as i was hanging out with multiple real people all around the world on any given day and they weren't able to hide behind fake avatars, it was true social interaction on a level never seen before

      for the first time, i actually felt compelled to want to meet the people i met online in real life (enter the world of HIRLing) and met so many lifelong friends because of it

    • Yep. I met a ton of local folks along the way who stuck.

      You, however, haven't been to any of my parties yet. I know it's a bit of a drive for you, but we're going to have to make that happen.

    • i agree we need to hang, it's not that far of a drive for me as i am only in brandon. i do make it over to st pete from time to time to see bands and for some of the art shows i have been in