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    • Ths won't mean much to many of you, but Bugger!

      I found him to be a person who lived music and education. His enthusiasm for the medium was highly contagious. People like him sparked my love of music as a young tacker, Peter Ustinov for example, and to see young faces light up as he explained the world of music and the instruments that inhabited it was wonderful. He had an engaging personality that any but the most hateful found very hard to dislike.

      People like Richard, Ustinov, or even Danny Kaye, make classical music accessible by youngsters who wouldn't otherwise learn about the medium other than through otherwise dry music or videos of an orchestra doing its thing. The ability to enthuse about music, and spread that enthusiasm, is a rare ability and the loss of someone like Richard to cancer, when they had so much more life to live, is a terrible blow.

      He will be sorely missed.

    • Richard was an amazing man. There have been others like him and I hope that there will be many more to come.

      Did you have a person that you can say introduced you to a medium that you would otherwise have missed out on? I would say Peter Ustinov took me past liking classical music to understanding how instruments form what I was listening to. Danny Kaye showed me that you could have fun with and poke fun at classical music.

      My introduction to classical music came from Walt Disney - Fantasia. I was 9 and that movie, on the big screen of course with a massive sound system, blew my mind. Everything else, as they say, is history.