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      Each chat will be focused on problem solving strategies. We’ll usually take one problem and discuss the different ways you could approach solving it. I’m more interested in how you came up with your solution than whether you got the correct answer. Sometimes the wrong answer is more interesting if a novel solution approach got you to it. Time and interest permitting, we’ll see what intriguing extensions or additional questions are worth exploring from our discussion. It’s an opportunity to explore math in complete thoughts without the limitations of a 288 character limit.

      Before the first chat, please take time to read through the below slow chat that occurred on Cake several months ago.


      The first Summer Chat of 🎂recreationalmathchat will be on Memorial Day Monday May 27th at 6pm Eastern Time 

      then every

      Wednesdays 6pm Eastern Time


      Right here! To join in the conversation, please sign up here.

      Okay, I’ve signed up. Why can’t I post to this chat?:

      This chat thread will be “unlocked” 15 minutes before the start time (see above).

    • Rules:

      (1). Introduce yourself, including Why you enjoy recreational maths.  

      (2). Provide a link to an interesting math item (video, tweet, blog post, etc.)

      (3). Share your thinking of how you attempted to solve this—we are more interested in your problem solving approach than whether you got the right answer.

      (4). Read everyone else’s responses and react to each one. Click the + sign next to the 🙂 to select the perfect emoji reaction.

      (5). Reply to at least one person’s thinking.  What did you find useful or interesting about it?  If they got stuck, is there a “pro tip” you could share to help them get unstuck?


      The math puzzle for this week’s chat was kindly shared by @1to9puzzle