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    • LauriNovak

      Being as it's Father's Day today it only makes sense that this is the sight I am grateful for. These two.

    • LauriNovak

      Thanks again Chris - this is my husband, Mike and his son, Ryan. The wheelchair in the post the other day belongs to him.

      Ryan has Cerebral Palsy and splits his time between our house and his moms. He brings us a lot of joy.

    • Chris

      Oh my gosh that's powerful. I know a two couples who gave birth to children with cerebral palsy and to see the love they have for their children is so inspiring. There must be a special place in heaven for parents who love children with disabilities like that.

    • LauriNovak

      I've been with Mike for almost 10 years so have been through a lot with him and Ryan and learned a lot. Mostly patience! It's been a learning experience for me for sure.

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