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    • My first post here on cake. Lets see what this place is all about shall we. First shot taken last weekend in the Australian Botanic Gardens Mount Annan, South West of Sydney, You'll find most of my shots are taken here, this is a set of Red Waratahs the NSW state floral emblem.

    • Likewise still getting around this one as well, Have to work out how to create collection like posts and groups, but its all learning we'll see where it goes. Have a good one there.

    • Thanks Chris, appreciate the comments. Looking for a new home to set up my images in, where we can interact and help others to better their skills. Hoping Cake is here for the long term, it seems to be offering something different to the Flickr format, no plans to merge them? Before we get to set up in the world of cake. There’s a few unhappy google plusers about who won’t want to get burnt again, some of their stores and the amount of time they put in there building it up aren’t happy times for them now. So cake maybe an alternative if it’s a long term player. Good luck with it. I’ll have a play and see how it goes. Happy to be here.

    • Thanks, Glenn. I can see how much effort you and some pretty amazing Google plusers have invested in setting up collections and communities. I don't know what it is about Google that has seen them go through so many social products only to abandon them. I wondered if being hosts to G+ collections might cause them to stick with it over the long term.

      We didn't set out to solve the same problem as Google+ apparently did, to compete with Facebook. We saw that as mostly status updates among friends & family. We thought what the world really needed that Facebook didn't fulfill was the ability to indulge passions you may not share with casual friends & family. Forums provided that (I own a very large one), but they are mainly good for niche topics. It's hard to discover and bounce between the zillion forums that exist in the world with differing software, moderation policies, etc.

      So our idea was to organize around topics that the community could create whenever they needed a new one. They could be really specific for better signal to noise, you could follow them, and the friction of jumping between them would be very low.

      I'm sure the viability question of Cake will dog us for years, as it did at SmugMug for probably our first 8. Can't blame anyone, I would be asking the same questions if I were on the outside. We do get requests to power Flickr forums with Cake's software, and since me and my family own Flickr, it seems logical, but the technical undertaking with all that legacy content they have feels overwhelming. I wish it weren't so.

      Anyway, thanks for giving us your time and I hope we can make Cake wonderful for you and your Google+ friends. 🙂Let us know your thoughts as you explore.

    • That covers a lot of the questions I had running thru my head also. Thank you for that, I have also joined back up with Flickr so was tossing the coin as to which one to use , having used flickr before I guess I find it a little more familiar, but I'm up for a challenge,

    • Thanks Chris, for the feedback and info, I've been following your SmugMug adventure since Don was a regular in James Beltz Phototips podcast quite a few years ago now. Seeing the SmugMug team take over Flickr can only be a positive, I've been on Flickr for a while on and off but have started to post there again of late. Cake maybe the hole Goolge plus will create that Flickr as yet doesn't fulfil. So looking forward to giving it a go and see what we can do with it. Thanks for your positive comments and hoping your new adventures work out well for all involved. 

    • Seems better than the Pluspora that almost everyone has migrated to. I'll keep checking in here but still remain mostly on G+ for now. Then I can take my time and learn this one before posting things I wish I hadn't! Lol!!