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    • I am definitely very right handed. But my father is pretty much the rare ambidextrous human. He likes working with his hands and it is definitely a huge plus that his left hand is so "handy." He can use it pretty much just like his right hand, to use tools, draw, etc.

      Excluding the small number of truly ambidextrous people — those who can use their right and left hands with equal ease — humans generally have a dominant hand (and side of their body) that they favor for everyday tasks. 

      But why is that?

      Most people — about 85 to 90% — are right-handed, and there's no population on Earth where left-handers are in the majority.

      Historically some lefties have faced discrimination and sometimes been forced to try to change.

      But there's a leading theory to explain why left-handers have maintained a constant minority: the fighting hypothesis. 

      "The idea is that in hand-to-hand combat, or in combat with weapons, there is an evolutionary advantage to being a minority left-hander," Uomini said. "If you're left-handed, you have a surprise advantage because most people are used to fighting against right-handers." That lefty advantage has been shown in one-on-one sports like fencing, scientists reported in 2010 in the journal Laterality

      If that hypothesis is correct, it would mean that even though the downsides to left-handedness were significant enough to keep lefties in the minority, lefties' advantage in combat at least gave them a fighting chance against eventual extinction.

      How about it lefties out there? Have you faced discrimination or have you felt like you had an advantage, at least sometimes?

    • I'm like your father, ambidextrous, to me it was a learned skill, but now life is a lot easier in many situations

      For those lefties that feel discriminated against, I used to walk to work past a Left Handed Shop that had been in business for years. Now just online sales sadly, but if you are a lefty and need stuff, this is your oasis in a world of people who are 'right'