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    • Lidja,

      If this was only a product of financial concerns, this might be a solution. But, I think that the desire for relevance and attention is a driving motivation even in non-profits. As an example, NPR is not completely immune to the "click bait culture" syndrome. It may be a lower priority at NPR than some other news outlets but it still seems to exist.

    • Totally agree with you.

      Special interests can (and do) hijack nonprofits even more easily than they do for-profits.

      The local newspaper owner is a one-percenter himself, and he has used the newspaper personally to advance his own family’s agendas when it suits him, so I think this effort may be more of a PR move and an attempt to stem the tide of wealth that is draining from his own pocket than anything else. The sad thing is watching the hard-working staff get pinched more and more, and to see all the layoffs taking a toll on the quality and relevance of the journalism...