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    • In my opinion, this is also the reason that the religious world is in the mess that it is in. Religions tend to pander to the cravings of humans and to preach man-made constructs falsely labeled "God" who indulge the desires of mankind instead of trying to get humans to respect God's right to choose. The saying "Attend the church of your choice" implies that "your choice" is one's god.

      Sorry, but I gotta call you out—this is soooo off-topic!

    • Here’s the way I see it. Tell me if I’m wrong. If you are a journalist obsessed with the truth, and you get really good at it, you can get a job at a major newspaper for $80,000/year. You’ll have to hustle and write a lot of stories because if you’re truthful the stories you write will look a lot like the ones other reporters write.

      The trouble is, fiction that seems like it could be true is much more profitable across all media. You don’t make much when you produce a documentary.

      So while you hustle to dig for truth and make $80k, Sean Hannity can make fiction that sounds like it could be true and make $26 million/year. That’s the pizza & beer that makes bank, not the broccoli we should want but don’t. The pastors who make stuff up that we want to believe get mansions and private jets compared to the ones who actually go out and serve the poor.

      Fiction can have more compelling heroes & villains & storylines we all want to believe. Algorithms figured that out and created a lot of young billionaires in my neighborhood.