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    • But fiction framed as truth leads to disrespect and the eventual collapse of credibility.

      It's like Mason Weems biography of Washington. When it came out, it was a best seller but in the long run it completely destroyed Weems's reputation as a biographer.

      BTW, a case in point concerning the media's slanting of the news happened today. Google News listed headlines from five sources regarding Alito's dissent. Of the five, only CNN had a headline that accurately described the reason for Alito's dissent.

      ABC made it out that it had to do with him being "Conservative."

      The problem with that suggestion is that Alito acknowledged that the plaintiff's complaint might actually end up being valid.

      "...are important and may ultimately be held to have merit."

      Alito was angry with the attorneys regarding their timing of the filing.

      “If the tactics of Murphy’s attorneys in this case are not inexcusably dilatory, it is hard to know what the concept means,”

      In fairness, I should also state that "The Hill" headline was accurate but it was misleading.

      His complaint had nothing to do with the fact that the inmate in question was a Buddhist. He actually acknowledged that this subject needs to be considered and that the issues in question are important.

      Now personally, I think that Alito was wrong to oppose the blocking of the execution but I do understand on an intellectual level where he is coming from. His complaint concerning the tactics of attorneys and the idea that other attorneys might try the same tactic certainly has intellectual merit. Yet I do not think that he was right to oppose the blocking of the execution out of pique against the attorneys