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    • Well, Julia Margaret Cameron comes to mind. Matthew Brady. Alexander Gardner. Timothy O’Sullivan. Gaspard-Félix Tournachon aka Nadar. It was the predominant photography of the mid 19th Century. 

      The below image is Alice Liddell, the inspiration for Alice in Alice in Wonderland, by Julia Margaret Cameron.

    • Like in everything you do today, you can go to our website, and there should be a popup that asks you to apply: I think the application process is still available, and what’s unique and wonderful about our workspace program residency is that every year, we have an online Paddle8 auction: called Artists Supporting Artists, a selection of curated artists who donate their work, and the proceeds from the sale go directly to funding the residency program. 

      This year we are increasing our residency from 2 artist recipients to 6 artist recipients - to include 2 national winners, 2 international recipients, and 2 recipients from only New York City. The residency provides a workspace for artists, materials, a stipend, and usually they provide a talk to our community and also a piece of work from their residency here that goes into our archive. It’s a very cool program. 

    • If someone is interested in becoming a part of the Penumbra Foundation as a supporter, volunteer, taking a class, donating a vintage camera - where would you suggest they begin? (and will you come back and answer more questions in the future)?

    • Go to our website and go to the "Support" tab: Becoming a member is a wonderful way to immediately become a part of our community, support what we do, and it also provides wonderful discounts on many of our programs, including the workshops, the Tintype Studio, and at the photo lab next door. There are also opportunities to volunteer, and to become an intern. And we also have facility rentals and commercial studio spaces (like our North Light Studio) that are also used by artists to do their work. There's also a "donate" button if you want to contribute.

      And of course, absolutely to answering more questions! Or as they say in France, absolument.