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    • Going through my photo library this week, my New Mexico shots really popped, and got me dreaming.

      Santa Fe. Taos. Ojo Caliente. The minute COVID is out of our lives, I want to get back to the Land of Enchantment ASAP with the Photowalk cameras by my side, and explore every inch of the state.

      New Mexico clearly has a magical landscape that’s been a photographer magnet for years. If you’ve ever seen at least 1 episode of “Breaking Bad” or “Better Call Saul,” you get it, right?

      The late master Ansel Adams said New Mexico was simply the “most completely beautiful place I have ever seen."

      I’d probably couch it and say “one of the” most beautiful places in the world. But here’s why it’s so cool: the skies. The vistas. The landscapes. The colors. The desert!

      I'm not out Photowalking these days, so instead II decided to put a video together on the joy of photographing New Mexico without a 2020 visit. (Trust me, I’d prefer to be there in person, but these are the cards we’ve been dealt, right?)

      The great photographers Christopher MichelSusan PortnoyRick SammonEvgeny Tchebotarev and Michael Jacobs offered their input and photos as well. Take a look and see if you’re not inspired.

      New Mexico gallery:

    • Great idea!

      New Mexico has been a favorite place of mine, whether on foot, two wheels, or 4 wheels, or 4 wheels and a roof over my head.

      I have been wandering and exploring New Mexico over the last twenty years almost every chance I get - at least 20 separate trips to see and explore New Mexico - mostly on gravel roads and fire roads.

      I have a few suggestions to offer it you ever feel the need to ask for more, from any of the far corners of the state.

      I wasn't even certain the Bear Motel in Pinos Alto was still in business, but google knew!!

      Close to the Gila Cliff Dwellings I first visited in 20 years ago