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    • I disagree. While we may not be doing enough now, there's certainly the ability to control or reduce the affects of climate change. We don't yet have the political will however and with so many scientifically illiterates like Trump around...well it'll take some time. Don't give up just yet. The world got together and addressed the ozone problem and we can do it again with climate change. Shrugging our shoulders and standing by while it happens and pretending we can't do anything is just not acceptable.

    • You did not read my comment carefully. If you had you would have seen that I made reference to humans exacerbating the situation. I simply think that Climate change is going to happen even if we were to figure out how to reduce our contribution to zero.

    • I had caught the part about exacerbating the situation but I got the sense that you thought we shouldn't really try to do anything about it. I apologize if I mistook your comment but I'm sure you can explain it further. It also seems you think that without humans on the planet right now the earth would still be going through global warming. My feeling is that our current trajectory is far from adequate to fix the problem or even minimize the damage. I do however feel we have the knowledge, understanding and technical ability to more than take care of things if we had the worldwide political will. I think it can be done and done in a way that does not prevent us from growing the economy at the same time. Will we do it? Will we do it in time? Hard to say but anything is certainly possible. We just need to get over our current focus on saving fossil fuel jobs and get focused on transitioning our economies towards renewables. Paris Accord is at least a recognition by world governments that there is a real problem that needs to be addressed. As you well know the Paris Accord is merely a letter of intention and not legally binding. The good news here is that although countries may have faultered on their commitments, they still have done things to work towards the problem and have at least recognized the problem. Science ignoramuses like Trump don't help the situation, nor do those who have vested interests in the fossil fuel interests but the winds are shifting and I feel optimistic going forward.

      As the problem gets worse - such as California wildfires, tropical storms, drought and so on, we will start to realize sitting around is going to cost us more than doing something about it. Everyone seems to blame China as well but I see them doing a lot of things towards improving things worldwide. Sometimes things get worse before they get better but in this case we are capable of it. Keep spreading the word and fighting the good fight.