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    • It seems many of us find solace in spending time in nature, particularly near water.

      It may be the power of the ocean, the rush of a waterfall or the gentle ripple of a river, pond, lake or dam. Most people seem to walk away feeling lighter, calmer or even euphoric.

      How about showing us the watery images and places that you have enjoyed? If you are so inclined, tell us about the benefits of being by the water for you.

      The image below was taken on a fantastic weekend a couple of years ago at a place on the NSW coast. It was a farewell adventure for a very dear friend. Much of the time was spent by the water amidst laughter, contemplation, discussions and image taking.
      Very fond memoirs of a time that is no more.

    • Strahan on the north west coast of Tasmania is remote, beautiful and the gateway to one of our beautiful wilderness areas. Here you have access to the harbour, ocean, rivers and waterfalls. A blissful location.

    • Wow, beautiful. I am not worthy of this conversation but I’ll try. I wanted to visit where Ansel Adams shot his famous Snake River shot In front of the Grand Tetons. His version hung on the walls of Steve Jobs’ company NeXT when I worked there.

      The trees have grown up since Ansel was there so you can’t see as much of the water, but it’s still beautiful. I was with @kevin and the weather was super moody.

    • I grew up on the west coast of the USA and took it for granted. I did not realize how much being near water meant to me until I moved to the high desert. Now I actively seek out waterscapes for my own mental health. This thread got me to go through many of the snapshots I’ve taken in watery places over the years, bringing back many great memories. Thank you for starting this thread!

      The backstory of this shot: It was taken on one of my first long distance solo motorcycle adventures. I followed the Mississippi River from Illinois to the headwaters in northern Minnesota. I got to the headwaters just before dusk. This is the basin (Lake Itasca) into which the headwaters flow before becoming the mighty Mississippi many miles downstream. No fancy equip—just my iPhone.

    • Pfft, don't start that "I'm not worthy" stuff!, 😉
      That's a really cool place by the looks of it and the Ansell Adams connection is great!
      Thanks to a couple of wonderful ladies on G+ I gained a better understanding of B&W photography and ended up running the Project for a couple of years. So much learnt there...

    • Back when I was a Seascape photographer my first passion was for long exposures. Standing by the shore watching the waves come in and go out was like meditaion. Breath comes in, breath goes out. Rinse and repeat. "There Be Dragons" taken at South Whale beach, Northern Beachs, Sydney.

    • Another favorite. First time I went off-road on a motorcycle. This view confirmed my suspicions—the best views are off-road. Snake River northeast of Boise.

    • Wow! Lucky you, discovering and enjoying this view!
      Aren't solo journeys the best?
      My first long one was back in 2015, I drove up the east coast from Melbourne to Sydney. Lots of water, freedom to stop as long as I wanted and such total peace - I loved it.

    • Wow, when you do seascapes you blitz!
      This image is what I was talking about in a previous comment.
      Your ability to capture the light is superb!
      Thanks for sharing it.
      And by the way - by the water can mean any water, even puddles 😊

    • Yes! 👍
      If you mean posting too much, that's not a problem as far as I'm concerned.
      Do what feels right for you, I'm enjoying this little patch of the online world.

    • Ooooohhhhhh.... 👌
      I had half a thought of heading down to the Mornington Peninsula for sunset, but Melbourne's weather's wet.