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    • I continued to add highlights and shadows to the figure until he felt solid. Next, I needed to tackle the floor beneath him, which was challenging since it was just a flat color.

      In a match though, there would likely be multiple light sources on him, which would cast crazy shadows in all directions. I had to simplify and approximate what this would look like in pixels. I cheated a little and used some soft brush gradients, but I added some pixelated shadows immediately beneath his feet to ground him in the scene.

    • Finally, I added some final details to the figure, and a crowd to the background. I put some white margins around the piece for printing and added some footer information. Here’s a mockup of it in a nice gallery frame.

    • That’s a good way to put it! It’s a fun and interesting challenge to walk the line between lo-fi and hi-fi. Part of the appeal for me is trying to make a piece transcend the lo-fi limitations and look like more than the sum of its parts, but not too much... otherwise it starts to creep into vector illustration territory. I still want it to clearly be made of pixels