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    • The forecast this afternoon called for scattered showers and thunderstorms. I headed to my regular Sunday afternoon volunteer shift at the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge, watching the sky as I drove. As I drove north on Route 1, I knew I needed to stop as the road passed over the Parker River in Newbury, MA.

      I'm very glad that cell phones cameras are a good tool for capturing the beauty around us!

      Oh, and there were some pretty wild storms about 20 minutes after I took these photos. I was very glad to be watching from inside a building!

    • I had the pleasure of camping out in the east Oregon desert last week. The weather was pretty active one of the evenings. My friends and I have a running joke of taking "artistic" pictures of various bathroom facilities we happen across. This is one of them.

    • I shot this in Belize a few years ago, struck by how the colour of the sky below the cloud was so different from that above.

    • Here's one fro a few years ago now jsut happened to have my Camera at work one day when as I was about to leave the sky put on this show. Good thing I also had my tripod for this one.