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    • The political news these days is so consistently depressing that I think we all feel good about the latest scientific achievements, even if we don't fully grasp their significance. It's perplexing that humans can be so smart and so dumb simultaneously.

    • This story made my week. 🤩

      This short interview with Columbia physics professor Brian Greene made my day. It puts in perspective what a black hole really is and how they figured out that they exist, and how amazing and inspiring science is:

    • Right11? Katie gave a TED talk two years ago predicting that we'd be able to see a photo of a black hole in two years. I know Internet trolls tried to mess with her but I think if you're 99% of regular people you can't help falling in love with her and science while watching this:

    • And for people who just can't get enough (me!!), I give you the king of explainers in two 5-minute vids: