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    • Well not yet but it's a real possibility and a headline you may be reading in the not too distant future. If it wasn't a possibility you would have simply ignored the headline. We now have the scientific and technical ability to bring back Neanderthals and/or create or bring back other hominid creatures. Will we do it? What rights will they have? What ethical issues will they cause? Should we do this? When will it happen? Genetic engineering of species is happening and the human genome is just another set of building blocks. What will we create with our blocks? What would we learn about ourselves by studying such a creature?

      from the above article:
      "Legendary geneticist George Church, the Robert Winthrop Professor of Genetics at Harvard Medical School who is currently spearheading the project to de-extinct the woolly mammoth, has said that he thinks the de-extinction of Neanderthals will occur in his lifetime."

    • I love questions like these! GREAT post. And NO, we should NOT bring them back. But if we do I for one welcome our resurrected Neanderthal overlords.

    • I have been dying to see woolly mammoths brought back into an environment where they can thrive. But the last time I read about it, the scientists were very concerned because woolly mammoths are social animals so they'd have to bring back a small colony or family or it would be cruel.

      Actually Dr. Church is talking about creating a mammophant, no?

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