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    • Dunno if it's just me and my ancient gear... but when I click "Mark all as read" it clears out the blue (unread comments or reactions) indicator, as intended.

      But often, when I come back a day later many of them are blue again.

      Thought I'd mention it, in case I'm not the only one.

    • You may be seeing coalesced activities. Here's how that currently works:

      Instead of adding a new item for every single action that occurs (such as a reaction to your post or a new post in your conversation), Cake coalesces actions of the same type that occur within the same calendar day.

      So if two people react to one of your posts, and you mark all as read, and then a third person reacts to that same post within an hour or two, you'll see that original activity marked as unread again because it now represents a third coalesced action that you hadn't previously seen.

      To complicate things a little, we also currently have a bug where your own actions (like posting in your own conversation) can cause activities to get marked unread when they shouldn't be.

      In addition to fixing that bug, I think there are a few other things we might be able to do to make things more clear when activities are coalesced, like listing the names of more than just one user involved.

    • Sorry about that confusion! We currently are only auto-saving on a computer you've started writing. If you go back to it, whatever you wrote should still be there. Would you rather have the draft saved in the cloud?

    • It's a non issue for me, just thought I'd mention it out of curiosity for how the system works. To answer your question, I think it would be more useful and user friendly having drafts saved in the cloud.

    • a little along the lines of this thread, I will respond to a thread yet it doesn't mean I want to follow it. I find myself going into past threads once I start getting notifications and have to unfollow. Follow can be default but how about a little radio button to not follow when you post?

    • I am working on a design to address this issue, but we need a bit more clarification from you. Is the problem that you don't want to get sucked in the older conversations you are no longer interested in, or any conversation where you just don't want to be notified?

      The way it works now is that when you post in a conversation we automatically turn on "Following" button on your behalf, which places the conversation in the "star" tab (so you can find it later). We also turn on notifications if someone responds to your post. So we do both things at once. So the only way to turn off notifications is to unfollow the conversation which then removes it from the "star" list as well.

      Solution 1:Unbundle those two features so that "follow" and "notifications" are two separate features. This would allow you to follow a conversation, but not get any notifications.

      Solution 2:Ask you every time you post whether or not you want to get notifications if someone replies to you.

      There could be a third solution that we aren't thinking of yet though.

    • More the second one for me at least.
      I doubt the ask every time is something you would want to ask or people would want to see.
      Yet when replying to a thread the default could be follow and then you can toggle that off. then if you post again and want to follow you can always click the top link? Also why at the top, the follow link could also be at the bottom so once you read and think this is a good thread to follow you don't have to jump back to the top?