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    • I submitted this piece to the Danville VA Art Competition. I won a 1sr Place Rinbon. I’m waiting to hear how well this picture will do at the national level.

    • How much post processing, all the vignette is actually there or effect after the fact?
      Can you lead us through the compositional thought.
      To my eye the fence seems like the focus of the image, level and fairly balanced although slightly left heavy. the brightness of the fence captures the attention and leads you to the center, where there could be a person or shadow of a line box.

    • I processed the photo to highlight the leading lines of the railroad tracks. It probably looks awkward because I’m shooting these and all shots from a power wheelchair. I typically don’t reveal my methods so as to not garner any unwanted sympathy. I just want to be an artist/photographer no excuses. The fencing notwithstanding is there for safety to which I have no control. While composing the scene I was trying to make lemonade with what I had. Thanks for your input.

    • Must make for some interesting and creative setups to get shots. Remote shutter and selfie stick type approach I imagine is fairly useful.
      I found myself flying along on a skateboard on my belly to get a shot quite a few times.
      Your rig must have some cool wheels to handle that terrain. Gopro mounts everywhere perhaps :)
      All my opinion for the little it is worth, the corner darkness helps a little but looks pretty heavy, if the crop was with the track coming out of the corner I think the lines to the flow would be easier to translate. I like the fence, it gives additional lines to the center. Good luck for the National competition.
      Thanks for reply, nice to get the thoughts behind the image.