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    • Tea. I love my tea. Good. Strong. Tea. (Yorkshire Gold at the moment) Tea is one of those things that makes me stop, relax and center myself.

      No cookies today though. :(

    • Hands down for me it is a cup of good coffee in the morning. Whether I am out and about or just spending my morning at home, having a great cup jumpstarts my day. I used to be a fan of lattes and cappuccinos, but for a few years now the plain black light roast has been my favorite. Sometimes I'd have it with a toast and a banana, which adds back the sweetness and the aroma. I do like having a cup of tea once in a while (my favorite being Earl Grey) but haven't had it much lately.

    • I wish I could love tea and coffee as much as I love CHOCOLATE!! Trouble is, you used the word grateful. I dunno. Should I be grateful for something which calls out to me all day because I love the taste but has a lot of calories?

    • There is something about cyclists and coffee I think. My brother and his cycling buddies go every Thursday morning on their ride and stop at their favorite coffee shop. As for me, I love the smell of coffee but can not tolerate the taste. I try every few years because it smells soooo good. Nope. Not my - ummm - cup of tea! hahah

    • I think it's ok to be grateful for chocolate, it brings so many people joy. I love getting good chocolate and savoring it. A few years ago I was in San Diego, went to a local market and discovered this company Nibble Chocolate ( and I still order a jar of the little bits. They last me quite a while and are oh so good. They do tastings like wine and it was really interesting to taste the chocolates from different countries.

    • Well I'm glad I'm not the only one. Totally agree on the cigars too, some of them smell so good. Like pipes too, my grandfather used to smoke a pipe with vanilla smelling tobacco.