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    • I thought I'd share this with my Cake mates.

      I flew over lake Eyre a 9 years ago to pick up a motorcycle and ride it back to Sydney and it was the last time there was water in the lake.

      Those that live in the outback have a unique sense of humour.

      The bike was a pristine 1992 R100GS PD I bought it sight unseen from an ADV rider inmate and it never missed a beat in the 5 years I owned the bike.

    • Beautiful rig! Like, super sexy! Yea, the planet is certainly have large weather cycle changes....Undeniable.

      I guess it snowed in Wisconsin yesterday and we are soon to exceed our annual rainfall (as it rains today) of 4.19 inches. Our raining season is our monsoon season which is usually around July-September. Our record is 10+ inches which in many parts of the globe could be one days worth of rain.

      Loved the sign. Yea, when you look at tourism photos, you probably won't see 10 gillion flies in the photos but you probably come to terms with them quickly.

      Here is one of our signs that is less intense. hahahah

      Thanks for your post of the bike.

    • Wow, Russ, that ABC Australia article was shockingly amazing. 👏 I can't imagine how much work that was to produce with the great photography, layout, interviews, etc. Is journalism still alive and well in Australia or something? There was even gorgeous footage from a drone flying low and slow.

      That was a Hell of a beautiful machine you found in the middle of Australia via ADV. I never saw anything like that coming when we started Adventure Rider.

      Hilarious sign!

    • The ABC is our national broadcaster (tax payer funded) they do some fantastic work, with very limited funding, by a small group of dedicated journalists.

      We have an election next week and funding for the national broadcaster has become a hot topic, here's hoping that the funding is increased dramatically.

      Some news organisations are struggling with the transition from traditional news to digital news. There have been massive cuts to staff in most of the main news organisations. There are a lot of great journalists now in other fields.😪

      That R100GS PD I found in Alice springs was very special the guy that restored it did a brilliant job, he converted it from single to dual spark, if you look closely you will see the second lead and spark plug on the bottom of the cylinder.

      It purred like a happy kitten and would happily sit at 140kph all day, I once rode it from Sydney to Broken Hill in one sitting (1200km) to get to an ADV gathering the next day in Pooncarrie.

      Thanks for ADV.