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    • Thank you, Anton. Great review. I got curious about you and read several of your reviews, including the SmugMug site builder review. Your collection of screen savers and landscape photography from around the world is stunning.

      I've been editing on my wide screen monitor and I seriously regret the purchase. Not enough vertical space for video. I dunno what to do now. Sell it, I guess, and spend the time re-packing and shipping. Ugh.

      One thing I'm unsettled about is editing in Adobe RGB and then converting to sRGB. They're both 8-bit color spaces, so same number of colors, but the colors covered in Adobe tend to have finer gradations in the blues and broader coverage to more shades of blue. So great for landscapes and architecture like you shoot. But sRGB is better with finer gradations in skin tone-related colors, no, so better for people, right?

      The thing that bothers me is you take all the bits you have in RAW and smash them down to Adobe RGB, having to pick nearest colors, and then you have to do it again in converting to sRGB for display. So it seems like you increase your losses with the double conversion, especially if you have portraits of varied skin tones, no?

      Everybody ought to see your free wallpapers. I got the waterfall. It's stunning: