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    • Panel Q&As has been our most requested feature and now panelists can take questions from the audience.  We think it will become the most important feature of Cake. Who doesn’t want to ask a question of someone fascinating?

      What panel owners see:

      It is super simple to start a panel conversation.

    • The Panel owner will see a switch to allow questions. They can add Q&A ability anytime, even mid-Panel, simply by toggling this switch.

    • When a panel is live, the panel owner will see options to add or remove panelists and enable or disable questions.

    • As the panel owner you’ll see 3 new tabs:

      Conversation: displays what the public is seeing. Posts, replies and answers will appear chronologically as the conversation unfolds. 

      Questions: displays questions from the audience. They are only visible to you as the panel owner.

      Answers: displays only the questions which have been answered by panelists.

    • The questions tab lets the panel owner dismiss questions or approve them. Only approved questions will be presented to the panelists to review and respond.

    • The answers tab displays publicly answered questions and allows readers to react. Other panelists can also add their answers. Multiple answers will be consolidated to avoid repeating the same question.

    • What readers see:

      In the feed we make it easy to see which panels are open for questions with a raspberry-colored “panel” badge.

    • To help keep questions manageable for panelists, each question is limited in length to 320 characters.

    • Once they submit questions, they will appear in a Your Questions tab. They will also see answers to their questions. When our community receives answers from their dream panelists, we shall dance. 💃

    • We’re looking forward to seeing what Panel Q&As can do to help panelists connect with the Cake community, and can’t wait to hear what you think!