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    • Can't taste the kale. 😁 It reminds me of those books on stealth nutrition where you sneak spinach in the muffins and the kids don't notice. I love the seeds on top. I'm one of those people who likes almonds in his chocolate, but dark chocolate is hard to find with almonds.

    • I just discovered the Austin-based chocolatier Delysia: their "Taste of Austin" collection includes flavors like Jalapeno ranch chocolate truffles, Home Slice Pizza pepperoni mushroom chocolate truffles, Curra’s Grill avocado margarita chocolate truffles, and Hops & Grain mosaic IPA chocolate truffles, among others!

    • Dark Sugars, a chocolatier based in London, is a destination-worthy spot. You can smell the chocolate from blocks away. They offer "handmade chocolates, truffles, and vegan treats" and some unique types of chocolates I've never seen before.

      Their "pearls" are unique orblike truffles of flavor. I tried passion fruit and two other types.

      I've never seen anything like their "Pipette" series of chocolates, which have a chocolate base topped with a small "Pipette" of flavour concentrate. We tried pistachio and mango - the mango was delicious!