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    • Not everyone who is on “shelter in place” is spending that time with loved ones. Instead, they are living alone, maybe seeing a family member every few days. Or a quick hello with a meals on wheels delivery. Or a weekly five minute conversation with the cashier while getting groceries. Solitary confinement and social isolation is not a good thing and the more opportunities for social interaction with folks who share common interests the better. If you can think of someone in your network who is in that situation, consider emailing them a link to Cake. Or share it on Facebook with a short description if you think that’s more helpful.

    • If you’re thinking of sharing Cake on social media with your friends and family but don’t know what to post on social media, perhaps a simple message like this could work:

      I’m on a new forum, Cake 🎂, where I’ve been engaging in meaningful conversations with interesting folks from around the 🌍. If you’re feeling a little isolated, it may be worth checking out.